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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

INTERVIEW: Maverick - they haven't gone away! Tour dates and plans for new album

THINGS have been a little quiet on the Maverick front of late - so, being the curious types we grabbed front man David Balfour and quizzed him on what the feck was going on. Turns out, it's quite a lot!

"This is a lull period for Maverick in terms of gigging but behind the scenes the wheels are very much in motion," he said.
Pic by Darren McVeigh

"We hope to do our first Belfast gig in months over the summer period."

But that's not all...

"behind the scenes we are in the thick of writing our third full length album, hoping to hit the studio to record during the first two weeks of September," said David.

However, they are a band that can't resist a show...

"We'll be celebrating our planned return by performing a double header in Europe, starting with Tennwill Rocknacht in Switzerland along side Eclipse on Saturday the 23rd of September and then followed by our first ever International headline show spearheading the Metalapolis label fest in Ludwigsburg, Germany the following night," he said.

"This is a big moment for us, especially to go back to the fantastic Rock Farbrik venue where we enjoyed our largest crowd and warmest reception to date just a year earlier."

And, never ones to pass up an opportunity...
"A matter of weeks later we have the honour to open the much respected Rockingham festival in Nottingham, England on Friday the 20th of October alongside the likes of KIX, John Parr, Vince Neill and Loverboy."

From there the serious work of the next Maverick release is already being worked on.

"After this the PR push for the album release in early 2018 begins, Woking closely with our fantastic management and label to put together some shows and hopefully another European tour to support the release of Maverick III (strictly a working title! Haha!)"

Mmmm, seems the boys haven't been quiet after all!

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