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Thursday, July 06, 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Ye Banished PrIvateers have the pirate party in full flow as they sail back to port...

Move over Alestorm – there’s a new bunch of swashbucklers in town! And yes, they are here to drink your beer and steal your wenches!

Ye Banished Privateers have assembled a crew large enough to sail the seven seas and play the largest of stages -with over 30 buccaneers aboard in total, all of which take turns to go on tour!

With rumbling sound effects and an atmospheric soundscapes, 'A Declaration Of Independence' develops into a full arm-swinging sea shanty wherein you can almost hear the clinking of the tankards on deck.

'Mermaid's Kiss' is a magical slow burning duet sure to melt even the darkest of hearts and let’s just say the gang do indeed have mouths like sailors when it comes to 'Rinagaroo At Coopr’s'.

Although at points 'First Night Back At Port' borders on sounding like the latest Disney soundtrack their songs actually tell wretched tales of life at sea and therefore their music invokes a feel good ‘paaaarty me hearty’ vibe to help overcome these woes...

Think if Andrew WK were a pirate. Although this album won’t blow the man down, it equally doesn’t deserve to be resigned to Davy Jones’ locker either.

Even if you’re not a pirate metal fan, you’ll find yourself stomping your feet and spilling your beer to at least one of these tracks.

Review by Lynn Carberry

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