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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sweden, Faroe Isles and Finland to arrive in Belfast 7/12 as Sabaton, Korpiklaani and Tyr

THIS is just a wee reminder, for those who have been asleep and constantly ask me about gigs, about an event on 7th December, with the arrival of musicians from the Faroe Isles, Finland and Sweden.

Although it sounds like the sort of World Cup qualifying group Northern Ireland could be drawn in, this is a trio of bands that could be even more entertaining than a kick about at Windsor Park. [Home ground for Northern Ireland's international team.]

They are
  • Sabaton;
  • Korpiklaani; and,
  • Tyr.

They are from Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Isles, and they rock...

No seriously, they do. Sabaton are an armed juggernaut with cautionary tales of war and conflict. told with aplomb. You can read my review of their most recent release, Heroes, here.

 Korpiklaani are a more mysterious beast, merging folk with metal, after being first a folk band...And, a lot of their songs are about boozing: songs like 'Beer, Beer' and 'Vodka'.

They should fit in here in Belfast just fine.

Tyr, as Faroese, present a series of Norse legends, and general allegorical tales linked to myths of days gone by.
Their latest release Valkyrja is a super dose of muscular tales. You can read our review here.
Tickets are on sale now - all the usual outlets.

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