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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of metal well underway - welcome back Slayer

SO you'll all have been along this coming Saturday to see Stormzone, Baleful Creed et al at The Distortion Project at Limelight2, before heading up to see guitar maestro Pat McManus in The Empire.

Come Sunday you might want to wallow in the hangover...but you would be a fool to do that; especially when Slayer are in town to give you a Sunday evening hair of the hard rock dog in Limelight1.

We hear whispers there are still tickets left for the Sunday show, but make sure you get 'em early to avoid disappointment. And, seriously, who would want to miss Slayer? No fan of metal should pass this up.

After all the Slayer Monday night show is sold out, as is the Anthrax Tuesday night show (and Ritchie Sambora nearly sold out the same night), you might as well go to Slayer on Sunday...hold on, let me re-phrase that - you MUST go to Slayer on Sunday night.

The two Belfast dates and the Dublin date are the only non-festival shows in the British Isles, so attending should be compulsory for self-respecting metalhead.

"What!", I hear you cry, "are Slayer not over-the-hill and only half the originals". Shut your mouth you ignoramus! Slayer are re-invigorated after last year's tragic death of Jeff and the dispute with Lombardo.

A new record deal with Nuclear Blast and a teaser track free to download from their site; Slayer are moving forward into the next chapter of their brutal musical storytelling...and arguably you could say that Slayer and Anthrax are the only two bands of the Big Four still relevant against the backdrop of mediocrity....

See y'all on Sunday - let the Slaytonic Whermacht assemble!

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