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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rock(d) keeps rockin' with metal heat: Rabid Bitch of the North, Stormzone and Baleful Creed

SATURDAY afternoon metal is always a joy, and the weekly offerings from James Loveday's Distortion Project always offer high quality far.

With a (very) brief summer break coming up top treats from Rabid Bitch of the North, Stormzone and Baleful Creed created beautiful noise on Saturday (28th June).

With late June sunshine bathing Ormeau Avenue, punters sheltered in the dark. dim and delightful Limelight2.

A series of factors and public transport meant your reviewing crew missed Cavehill completely, and saw the last half of Midnight Transmission, who we though that their mix between indie and hard rock left them out-of-place on the bill; but their set could work on another night with complementary acts and a little more focus.

Rabid Bitch of the North are gearing themselves up for Bloodstock and are getting tighter and more geared up for their set. They cohesion within the band is clear and evident for all to see.

Opening with Your Misery and including tracks from their cassette Defending the Castle plus older tracks like 1999 and they are producing classic heavy metal with their own unique touches.

More on RBOTN on a post later on.

Stormzone show their experience and vigour everytime they step on stage. Led by troubadour Harv, they are a super example of how to deliver a set that is well rehearsed, with still looking and sounding fresh.

From the rhythm anchored by Davey Bates with Graeme's bass nailing it, through to the duelling of Moore and Shields it is a complete visual and aural experience.

One can even forgive the clichéd synchronised axe backward and forward routines - because after all a cliché is a truism, and Stormzone play with a true sense of purpose.

Featured tracks included Three Kings, The Pass Loanen and Night of the Storm. As this was a warm-up for their Sonisphere set next Saturday (3pm for those going) it showed that whether as headliner or support act they can play as if their lives depend on it.

Heading the bill were Baleful Creed, with their slowed down low down groove, and Sabbathy musical muse moving their tunes are a band that can play with verve and with a unique technical groove. Illuminati and Autumn Leaves stood out, songs that grow in stature with every live outing.

Heavy metal, in all its shapes and varieties, stands proud (and loud, of course) with The Distortion Project, the men and women who attend, and through the tireless rehearsals, practice and performances of all the bands who grace the RockD stage.

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