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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dee, Isiah and Solomon - the brothers who are Radkey prep for June 25th Oh Yeah show

RIGHT - you're all ready for the Avatar show tonight (June 12th) at the Oh Yeah Centre? Good, then while you're there you might just want to consider another date at the Cathedral Quarter venue, punk brothers in arms, Radkey.

Claiming influences as diverse as the Misfits, The Who, Ramones and Death have been bubbling around for a couple of years, and with their Devil Fruit ep out now, they're taking the brave step of a brief UK and European jaunt...hey, don't sneer, it worked for Green Day.

The sound of Radkey follows what you would expect from a punk act from St Joseph, Missouri...if you know what we mean...

Also, they are sufficiently self deprecating in their own way. Check out their website and click the band profile. After three lengthy paragraphs about their interests and hobbies the final line reads: "They also like music too."

With a good vocal hooks from Dee one US reviewer helped dispel any myths about them..."They're much more than scabby Ramones fans"

Yes, indeed they are. Tickets for this +14 show are £11 and on sale now.

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