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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mastodon, Zeppelin and Radiohead...read on!

WELL, no Belfast date, but don't forget your June slice of prog-metal weirdness as Mastodon play in Dublin on June 12 and 13th at The Academy - given the first night clashes with Slayer and Walking Dudes in Belfast some might be tempted to see the Atlanta men once again.

The gigs are as The Hunter tour draws to a close and they begin work on their sixth album to date.

Brent Hinds has been giving some hints as to what we can expect from the men who take progressiveness to the next level, add large doses of heaviness and then crack your skull (and Skye!) with musical dexterity.

 "A lot of the stuff I'm writing is in open G-Minor," said Hinds. "I'm playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radiohead-ish and very spooky soundy."

Mastodon with a mix of Led Zep, Radiohead and their usual manic metal flourishes...we can't wait!

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