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Friday, April 26, 2013

Four letters for Monday night

OKAY people, by now you shouldn't need any more reasons to head along to see Audrey Horne on Monday night other than seeing the immense Audrey Horne, but we'll give you another four letter reason to make sure you are there - SAHG.

Norwegian doom psychedelia rock, SAHG is a one of the many projects King has in the bag, and this Bergen band are worthy of a few minutes of your time! [And, yes we know of all the controversies around King's other stuff with Gorgoroth, but we couldn't care less, we just like good metal!]

Their new album is due out in October, and they have just released the first track, Firechild (see link below).

NB - In a change from the original line-up for Monday night, Mercy House now occupy the middle spot between SAHG and Audrey Horne.

 SAHG Firechild

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