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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a Saturday!

Saturday, October 11th...If you're a fan of hard rock and heavy metal it's a helluva day!

Kicking matters off at Katy Daly's is the RockD gig with Thunderchild and Rabid Bitch of the North. Doors open at 3.30pm and the gig is priced at a very reasonable £2.50.

Then Mandella Hall will be strewn with Battle and Power Metal warriors Turisas and Dragonforce. A few tickets remain - a very, very few!

Also tomorrow night, Whitesnake UK - a tribute to Mr Coverdale's troubadours - are at the Empire Music Hall.

So tomorrow's itinerary for those that dare...Wake up...head to Katy Daly's, leave Katy Daly's at 8.00pm, with ears ringing... grab plastic sword and storm the Mandella Hall...come 11.00 race to the Empire for a chill out to Whitesnake classic rock vibes...collapse in a bloodied heap with neck aching and ears ringing, knowing that the damage to your liver, wallet and pancreas may not be permanent yet, but all three are imminent danger but it was all worth it!

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