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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

An Almighty Return

Following his successful show in Katy Dalys earlier this year, The former Almighty vocalist/Guitarist Ricky Warwick is set to make another solo appearance in Belfast.

He will play Auntie Annie's, on Thursday, October 16th. Support will once again come from Michael Mormecha.

He'll once again be playing songs from his forthcoming album, Belfast Confetti as well as solo back catalogue material and songs from The Almighty.

For younger readers...The Almighty were a Glasgow band, fronted by Warwick, who had lived a fair proportion of his formative years in Belfast before his family upped sticks to move across the water. There, with The Almighty Warwick established a trademark hard rock/metal sound, which even briefly bothered the charts. Doomed by bad timing The Almighty's flamed burned bright briefly until the time, in the early 90s record labels weren't willing to touch metal acts with a barge pole and underground labels and the 'net were not on hand to make sure those of the true faith could have access to acts of this calibre.

Since then Warwick has pursued singer songwriter material ranging from soulful acoustic to his rock and metal roots. Recently he has made several appearances here, all earning appropriately excellent reviews.

Doors on the 16th will be at 8pm, and admission will be £5.50.

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