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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turisas vs Dragonforce

A review I did of Saturdays Dargonforce/Turisas double bill has been picked up by a few Scandanavian/Finnish fanzine, which should be published next month, but the comments I have been hearing from local fans are split.

Many are saying that Dargonforce were blown off the stage by Turisas, while others were saying to me that Dragonforce were, unlike their last tired Mandella Hall appearance, seemed re-invogorated by playing new songs.

Taking off the dispassionate reviewer's hat I'll put my cards down and say I 'totally' enjoyed both bands, but will leave the final word to the Belfastmetalheads junior editor (a.k.a my son). His considered, thoughtful comment..."HOLY SHIT!"

I think he liked it.

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