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Friday, October 10, 2008

Forceful night aheads

Tomorrow night sees the Dragonforce Turisas roadshow hit town. The power metal/battle metal duo has already been ripping up dates across the UK - even this week's Kerrang! gives an emphtatic thumbs up. On Turisas, reviewer Steve Beebee at the Rock City they say: "From start to finish, the war paint daubed, fur-wearing warriorss hold this packed house in thrall..." On Dragonforce they say: "Who else combines these big rock finishes with iridescent soloing and so much sheer, unrepentant shred."

Wise words indeed. After all Dragonforce are a band that number Zakk Wylde and Kirk Hammet as fans...and they know a thing or two about guitars...Hammet describes them their guitar work as "Yngwie Malmsteen on steroids!"

This will be a return visit to the Mandella Hall for Dragonforce, and when they last played they really rocked a house that had a diverse range of ages and fans. Dragonforce's over-the-top may not be to everyone's taste, but they lay down metal party power songs to die for. That combined with Turisas's folk battle metal ethos is sure to bring the house down. Altogether for Turisas's cover of Rasputin!

A last few tickets (£19.50) are available from Katy Daly's and Ticketmaster today, but very, very few are left...get moving!

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