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Monday, September 29, 2008

Under the glare of the TV spotlight

UTV have to be commended for undertaking their Limelight unsigned band series, and despite the indie, shoe-gazing crap that will no doubt feature strongly, they at least let Banbridge's finest kick things off on Sunday night.

Confusing intros (including the link man forgetting the band's name!) and trying to work out the cues from UTV's woman on the spot might have put many a band off their game, but Soundstone rose to the TV challenge.

With healthy support down the front and beardy, indiffernt spectacle wearers at the back, Soundstone took a brief moment to warm to the task. But after a minute of 'Devil on My Back' they hit the groove.

By the time 'My Crime' was blasting the indifferent into action Declan was strutting as if playing to a stadium, and Adrian was slipping into excellence on the axe.

No doubt the saddos and UTV execs would rather not have songs of addiction and killing partners as their chosen 'winners' but Soundstone's penchant for mixing classic rock grooves with dark tales hit the right nerve at the right time in the Limelight.

And to prove they are totally 'nice guys' Ryan helped the stage right camera man to make sure he wasn't bashed by an errant swish of the four string.

Well done to Soundstone for tearing towards the heart of why the Limelight has been so key to the local rock scene - that is bands playing what they believe in, not what the NME says is the fashion of the day/week/month.

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