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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Death Magnetic

Okay, I confess....while there are those that are backsliders I have always kept the faith. Metallica (along with Maiden) have always held a special place in my twisted heart. Quite simply Metallica and Maiden are simply the behemoths that stride above mere mortal bands.

On September 12th Metallica release Death Magnetic. I have taken the morning off work to make sure I have a copy in my grubby mits when the doors of my chosen record emporium are cast open (and it shall not be Zavvi - see last post)

Some doubted the mighty Metallica, but from the three tracks available to date for streaming there is no doubt that James, Lars, Kirk and Rob have delivered an album that stands head, shoulders and sweaty ball bag above all the pretenders.

Doubt me (and I'm sure many of you do!)? Head over to Metallica.com and check out the tracks released to date and the video for 'The Day That Never Comes'.

Birth, school, Metallica, Death

Oh, and they're mates with our very own Sweet Savage...'nuff said!

(Sweet Savage are playing the Spring and Airbrake on October 3rd...rest assured Killing Time - the song Metallica covered on a B'side and on Garage Inc will be given an airing)


Anonymous said...

ok ,so its maybe 15 years late ,but Death Magnetic is a real return to form from Metallica
,the CD has been leaked online now for 24 hours ,so loads of you will have heard it too already ,it aint a perfect album ,as Unforgiven III proves ,why ? they even bothered putting that one in there I dont know ,but with so many great heavy tracks on there ,they can be (Un)forgiven for it :s

fav track has to be My Apocalypse ,its right up there with Damage Inc and Dyers Eve ,real thrashy stuff

I fell like I just got MY Metallica back

when I first sen they wee going back to the original logo style ,I knew they would be going back to the original sound too ,and I wasnt disappointed ,role on the 12 ,so I can buy the CD

those new tracks are gonna sound awesome live!!!

Bill "Redskull"

Anonymous said...

yep, this album is a fucking huge step forward again. Riffmania

Alterz said...

Its a step forward from the previous album certainly, but I still see it as an average album at best I'm afraid.