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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speed Theory rocking with My Ruin

You can sort of tell when a band is serious. They remember to reply to comments, drop a line every now and again. Such a band are Wolverhampton's Speed Theory. For those trying to catch up with this cryptic thread, suffice to say Speed Theory will be joining My Ruin (see earlier post) at The Limelight on October 26th.

With these two noisemeisters (on a Jagermeister backed Irish tour natch!) will be Illuminatus and Sanctorum.

All four bands are well worth a listen, and much kudos to Alex from Speed Theory for replying to random posts and messages. He can rest assured more are to come!

In the meantime go to their myspace site and, as well as checking out the tunes, take a look at the Neo Testament video...oh and their new album, Blood Money, is out in November, on Anthill Records.

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