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Friday, September 05, 2008

Trivium Irish/Norn Iron tour

The first dates have been announced for Trivium's December Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland tour.

Expected to be a four-date wrap after the Unholy Alliance slots with Slayer and Mastodon, the Trivium mini-tour kicks off in L/Derry's Nerve Centre on December 4th - the same night Mastodon are playing the Spring and Airbrake.

The only other confirmed Trivium date is in Cork on December 7th...so between the 4th and 7th - go figure it out for yourselves :)

Trivium divide opinion. On some of the forums, and among those that consider themselves (rather foolhardily for ones so young - said the wrinkly rocker who writes this crap!) the true voice of metal.

There is no 'true voice of metal' just opinions.

If you don't like Trivium, fair enough (As Baal said: "We were there first time around) but there are many who do. And it is these, who through the likes of Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold etc reprensent the next wave of young people who get firmly hooked on metal. It is this next wave that will learn to experiment with the wider metal genres, who will when they reach 18 head to the bars to listen to local acts, buy local acts CDs and even form bands themselves.

So if you feel tempted to slag off this crowd of younger metallers, perhaps you need a wee bit of growing up yourself! Encourage them! Better their going to a metal gig than listening to rave, Kylie or Satan help me Beyonce...

(PS - I pretty much like Trivium - yes the writing is a hybrid 'Tallica and 'Deth, but so what!)

PPS - Belfast and Dublin dates - if they happen will be announced early next week

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