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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The president's chick and Metallica

Metallica's promotion of Death Magnetic continues apace, but their reach is getting all weird. The 'Tallica dudes turned up on Jools Holland show. Also with Holland was the French President's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Now, as far as I know Carla has sold a few wee records, but nowhere near the 100million plus of 'Tallica, and they topped the album charts after just two days of sales... But she's "hot"* and sleeps with a man who will hold power in France for a few years.

The BBC, and other broadcasters are, of course, obsessed with this sort of thing. Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy is no doubt talented within her chosen genre, but her music has neither relevance nor is it particularly outstanding music.

But that never stopped the Beeb promoting her on telly. Well, at least they gave Metallica some airtime. Although no doubt it was through label promotion rather than Jools Holland's initiative. After all he was the man who announced, with real disdain, Judas Priest on the 80's Channel 4 show as "World Ranked Noisy Bastards" - and he didn't mean it as a compliment.

*"hot" and other sexist terms about Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy are copyright of sad git tabloid sub-editors and we disassociate ourselves from them. It may be right but has no place in responsible blogging...hontesly!

UPDATE: Metallica have entered the record books in the US, and knocked The Beatles off a coveted perch. Death Magnetic débuted at Number 1 in the Billboard charts, the fifth 'Tallica album to do so. The Beatles held the record for having four albums début at number one, a record in existence for over three decades.

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