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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time to raid the piggy banks!

There is quiite literally a shed load of albums coming out in coming weeks and months that could bankrupt the serious metalhead or hard rocker; or at least seriously drain the supply of beer tokens...

Already on the shelves this week is the Black Stone Cherry new platter, and next week Slipknot and Dragonforce have their latest offerings upon us. Then Metallica's Death Magnetic hits the racks on September 12th. [And despite the naysayers the evidence from first single 'The Day that Never Comes' shows Metallica are only rivalled by Maiden as the biggest cult band in the world].

Ten days later Amon Amarth release 'Twilight of the Thunder God'. Terrorizer readers will already have some of the comic strip preview to enthrall them with tales of Viking derring-do!

As if all this, and the dozens of recent CDs piling up in the "I want" list wasn't enough AC/DC have finally gotten around to recording their new album and set a release date. Black Ice will arrive on Columbia Records on October 20th, with debut single 'Rock 'n' Roll Train' out on August 28th....what price for the much rumoured Slane date now?

Then there's Master's of Reality's new album late in October; the new Satyricon album 'Age of Nero' in November, plus a host of others.

Right now the piggy bank is glancing nervously at the hammer in my hand...

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