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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Galactic Nebula

AMENDED POST: There's a timeand a place for stoner rock...and it assuredly never includes Josh Homme. That time in Belfast is from 8pm on Sunday, 12th October at The Limelight when monolithic Stoner Rock Titans Nebula play in the Ormeau Avenue venue.

If you haven't heard Nebula before here's the blurb (links at the end).

"Los Angeles based trio 'Nebula', comprised of Eddie Glass (Guitar/Vocals), English geezer Tom Davies (Bass/Vocals) & Rob Oswald (Drums).
It all started when Eddie & friend Neil Blender were making weird 4 track music for skate movie's like 'Alien Workshops' first video.

"He then went on to drum for 'Olivelawn' and later on played guitar with 'Fu Manchu', writing some of the songs and playing lead guitar on the first three albums.
In 1997 Eddie decided it was time to use the whole arsenal - Guitars, Drums, Moogs, Sitars, The Jug and formed Nebula.

"Tom crossed the pond in the summer of 2004 to join the Nebula ranks and with the recent addition in early 2007 of Rob (Karma To Burn/Mondo Generator), Nebula are re-igniting the fires started in '97."

Details: Doors on the day will be at 8PM, and tickets, priced £11 are available from KATY DALYS, and by following this link. http://www.geturticket.com/product.asp?P_ID=597

Support slots are still to be confirmed.



Anonymous said...

Sunday 12th August is over dude.

Jonny said...

Well spotted man - amendment put in - date should be in October; error owing to lateness of the hour post was written...oh and maybe the three pints of cider might have had a wee effect, as might have had the Jager...