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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grand date at Auntie's

Grand Magus - one of the most underrated of the battle/fantasy metal acts currently on the scene - are set for a Belfast appearance on October 27th in a Distortion Project promoted gig at Auntie Annie's.

For the uninitiated Grand Magus are Swedish classic metallers, with a penchant for epic tales of pre-Christian romance, battles, vengeance and errr, well lots of the same, plus gratuitous killing.

Promoting their new album, Iron Will, Magus will hit the stage with Belgian doomsters Serpent Cult and Norn Iron's own Honey for Christ.

Grand Magus have been knocking about the underground scene for more than eight years, with members also involved in numerous side projects (newest member, drummer Seb, played with Glenn Hughes touring outfit).

They'll bring an epic world to the intimate surroundings of Auntie Annie's and with tickets at a miserly £12 (on sale now from Katy Daly's and GetUrTicket) there should be no excuse not to get your asses into gear for a night that will show all the fans of 'new' battle/fantasy metal that it's been around for years and has some fine original proponents.

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