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Monday, August 25, 2008

Rumour mill...Maiden and Metallica

In the newspape trade August is generally regarded as the silly season...and no less in the metal blogging world. Seems rumours are flying back and forth about Metallica and Maiden putting in appearances in late 2008 (Maiden) and February/March 2009 (Metallica) on this wee island.

Comments by Hetfield on stage at Marley Park last week and at the Kerrang! awards led to somewhat garbled assumptions. The facts so far are the Metallica have confirmed North America dates (Lamb of God and Machine Head are among the touring package on various dates) that will last until January 31st. After that there will be a short break before more touring. By that stage they will have criss-crossed the US...therefore a European tour will take place. Whether Ireland, north or south, is included on the itinerary remains to be seen.

As to Maiden. Every couple of years they wrap up 12 months of work with a couple of UK dates that culminate in one or two dates at Earl's Court. If, and at this stage it is a big if, they decide to do a short Christmas tour, somewhere in Ireland (basically Odyssey or Point) will be included. Suggested date at this early stage is 8th December (which at the Odyssey has no poxy boy bands, whining Indie idiots or gospel conventions listed...it's free if you're listening Mr Smallwood)

Oh, and for the n-th year running AC/DC are supposed to be playing Slane...

Once the facts are clear we'll bring you the full details...well at least where you can wish you had bought tickets as they'll sell out pretty quickly if the rumour mill grinds some truth

FOOTNOTE: As noted in the comment from Alertz (see comments) below the Maiden date is looking less likely. I've also spoken to a 'source' today who said that Maiden's management were allegedly demanding heavy cash for Irish dates owing to transport costs. The source said that unless it was an extremely stripped down show an Irish Maiden date, north or south, would not take place until next album release. As said in the post, everything is a big if.


Alterz said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I spoke to both Rod Smallwood and Mr Bruce Dickinson himself on the Bruce Air trip several weeks ago and asked about Ireland and if there's any return in the future.

Basically, unless there's a huge increase in album sales over here, they will never be returning, for a one off show its too much hassle as it costs them to get over here and the previous few Irish shows have been the slowest to sell in all of their tour dates.

But still, ya never know!

Jonny said...

Suspected as much myself Alertz, though I know the promoters on the island were interested. Although the shows sell slowly they sold well in terms of eventual output. Probably also wasn't helped by audience members at The Point on Matter of Life and Death calling for greatest hits in the middle of the Irons playing the album in toto. So despite Bruce's onstage proclamation that find them a muddy field and they'd be there it remains in the air. 'Tallica date is looking (very slightly) more optimistic as a pay-off for Mensch and Bernstein securing the band TV ad slots and megamoney promotion they're committed to extensive touring..