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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Escape Fails snag Shikari support slot

Let's be clear first...we here at Belfastmetalheadsreunited believe firmly that Enter Shikari are shite. They are an abomination which shows why chavs and spides should never be let near a guitar, much less ever given a record contract. But we have to concede there are some, well err people I suppose, who listen to them...

That's why we say big up to Escape Fails for snagging the support slot for the Enter Shitekari tour in October. Escape Fails will play with the Enter their own arses Shitekari on October 15th at the Ambassador, Dublin, October 16th at the Savoy Theatre Cork and on the 17th at Belfast's very own Mandela Hall.

One thing is for certain. Our homegrown Escape Fails will blow Exit the Stagekari right off the stage. Ryan and Co will deliver a "post-hardcore wrecking ball" to these pathetic twats. Might even head along myself to see the wee Shitekari fans ears blown right off! On second thoughts Sunday's EF gig with Triggerman and Soundstone is a better bet for now!

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