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Monday, October 17, 2005

La La land at the Rosetta

I stepped into la, la land on Friday night. One of the biggest and most lauded acts in the LA big hair cock rock scene of the 80s LA Guns played the Rosetta Bar in Belfast.

Now for those of us with long memories and too old to know better, the Rosetta was the scene of long Friday nights of debauchery and drunkeness at the end of the 80s. Usually to the singalong tunes of the likes of Ashanti and Heatsbane, where cover versions came thick and fast.

On Friday night it was surreal to see LA Guns play in this venue. Credit to the promoter for getting LA Guns to Belfast, but what a weird feeling to see them playing in the Rosie to a couple of hundred people.

The night was kicked off by a workmanlike performance from Twisted Rose - a local act seemingly intent on reviving the 80s, with a dash of Wildhearts-style aplomb. As they left the stage it was worth noting that they played as if they were in front of a couple of thousand people.

But when LA Guns hit the stage you were sure that this was one act content to know that the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Gardens or the Rosie, they still rocked out.

Phil Lewis' junkie-chic look and arrogant stares held a brilliant stage presence, and held the gradually filling floor rapt. Of course, there was a hint of disappointment from the band that they were at a smallish venue, but nevertheless they gave their all.

While most were there for the old standards, it took a lot of courage for the band to play new material - and quite a lot of it! From the sounds of these that comeback CD may be worth shelling out a few pennies.

No Tracii Guns with LA Guns now but Stacey Blades filled in on lead guitar with some impressive work.

Of course Ballad of Jane and Rip and Tear were par excellence sleaze, and full marks to the band for staying to sign autographs, but hell, it's still weird thinking the LA Guns played the Rosetta. Is it how the mighty have fallen or is it getting back to roots? Either way, good night and big shout outs to Steve, Margaret (long time no see!)and Michael - all good clean fun had by all I'm sure :)


Anonymous said...

Fuckin' excellent show - your're right there - pity it was such a wee venue. First time I've been there in years too! And y the fuck were there so few there - place should have been packed

Anonymous said...

Geesus guys where you in the same venue?

The place was packed solid and not only that during their set they stopped to say

"Does it sound as good out there as it does up here? Man this place rocks!".

Seeing bands in such a intimate venue is what I pray for and by feck it was so so cool.

Talking to them about this later they said they had played 1000 capacity gigs in England to 150 people with crap sound and poor crowd response.

Apparently they had got the best sound on the entire tour and they were blown away by the gig.

BTW reading the review, I used to go to the Rosetta (and still head up ther regulary) every Saturday night back in the 80's not a Friday. That was Disco night. And who the hell are Heatsbane????.

Saturdays consisted of

Ashanti, Black and Blue Jam, Annex, Touchdown, Winters Reign, Glam Slam, Stateline, Emerald, Red Alert, Den Of Theives, No Hot Ashes, Bad Reputation, a great band from Derry called Tokyo and various others from Dublin and Belfast but who the hell are Heatsbane?

Or was that the dodgy band from Bangor called HeartsBane with some loon called Roger on the drums :)

I Love The Rosetta and thank feck its still there.

Please get your facts right though before you write a review.

Jonny said...

Mmmm, just goes to show that all reviews are subjective...And yes that was HeartsBane, much lamented etc, etc, as per most of the bands you listed! Big shout for No Hot Ashes, whose guitarist is currently an Assistant/deputy News Editor on the Belfast Telegraph. As for Ashanti - Hi Harv!

There were as many Friday rock nights as Saturday rock nights as I (vaguely) recall skipping too many lectures at Queens on a Friday to set about preparatory drinking...Ah such happy times

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