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Monday, October 17, 2005

Roadrunner rocking the world? With Nickleback?

Mmm, these are strange times indeed. First Roadrunner Records celebrate their 25th birthday by bringing together reprobates and assorted ugly fucks to record a weird mixed up compilation/collaboration. By all accounts this should be crap. Instead it's very, very good, especially for those into the heavier end of the spectrum.

Then it's announced (albeit queitly) that Nickleback - those cock rock stadium chancers - signed to Roadrunner for their next album. Kerrang noted "Nickleback in half decent album shocker". Strange but true; while the usual radio friendly ballads are there the Canadians have laid down an impressive and heavily muscled riff-laden album. Yep, not half bad - and halfway recommended! But Chad that hairstyle - it's just wrong!

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