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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vanessa's Trivium review

Well the verdict is in on the Trivium Belfast show - Belfastmetalreunited's reviewer on the night Vanessa graced us with a few well-chosen words about the band!

Before praising the Floridian metallers she backed Boston band 'It Dies Today': "They delivered a blistering set, each member projecting a feral energy out to the audience," said Vanessa

However, no such praise for All That Remains’. "It was at times difficult to tell on song from another, and their vocalist was often drowned out over the rest of the band," wrote Vanessa. "ATR would definitely be a band worth checking out on CD before you hear them live."

Now, Vanessa's review of Trivium - "By 11 o’clock Trivium have taken to the stage. As the acoustic opening to ‘The End of Everything’ begins, the crowd turns into a sea of frenzied animals, surging towards the barrier. From start to finish, each word of each song is screamed back to the band onstage. Corey Matt and Paolo stalk the stage, commanding the crowd to jump, pit, and pump their fists in the air whenever they please, as Travis merrily beats the crap out of his drum kit.

"This is a band that really knows how to please a crowd, delivering album favourites ‘Ascendancy’, ‘Drowned and Torn Asunder’ and ‘Suffocating Sight’ like thunder storms.

"The singles tracks went down marvellously as well, causing vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy to constantly check on the crowds safety, asking those at the front to share out the bottles of water that were handed out “because sharing is caring.”

"Despite all his ranting about keeping safe held up for a while, it didn’t stop the crowd from breaking the barrier in half mid-way through ‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’. The band had to leave the stage for a while.

"On their return, after another brief ‘Safety First’ lesson, our heroes merrily melted our faces with scorching hot covers of not one, but two classics, Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ and Iron Maiden's ‘The Trooper’ before closing the set for the night, leaving Belfast in ruins (or at least, the front half of the venue anyway)."


Anonymous said...

wooooo!!! my review lol. great site mister!

Anonymous said...

yea Vanessa repied anyway this was done months ago how far behind am i? lol!!Nadia xx