Pick Your Rock and Metal

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ah the wonderful world of metal

Ah the wonderful world of metal - ask the kids to pick a CD each for the car tonight and you get the whole bloody scope - One picks Aerosmith's Get a Grip, the other Slayer's Live Undead, including the Haunting the Chapel EP - All's right with the world when such delights grace the speakers!

Oh and a special shout out to Aoife - the Beastie Boys are so '80s, even if they did once have Slayer's Kerry King play on a song!


mr bond said...

hello mr traynor it is mr bond or so it would seem unfortunately u hav sum unreliable source that told u that the beastie boys r so 80s WRONG! in fact, their albums from the 80s (most of them) r so awful! to the 5 buroughs rules! HAHA i win

Jonny said...

As Kerry King said of the Beastie Boys: "They weren't very beastly; in fact they seemed linke very nice middle class children. I only did the guitar solo because Rick Rubin asked me. I prefer Run DMC anyway when it comes to that rather sad genre of music!"