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Friday, June 10, 2005

Was your Biffy Clyro'd or were you ga ga...

So the Velvet's shredded the Odyssey, leaving all decimated in their wake. But what of the support acts. After all, it's rare to see a line-up in Belfast with two support acts oft-touted as up and coming in the pages of Kerrang, Metal Hammer, NME and even Classic Rock (well once in Classic Rock anyway...)

Well, while I thought both acts were pretty good and at times excellent I defer to my comrade in arms Baal (a.k.a. Mark) who offered the following assessment:
The Ga Gas "not bad"
Biffy Clyro "shite"

I of course, being of a contrary nature disagree, but hey that's rock.

Still lingering in the mind is the image of Slash's smiling bake, ciggie stuffed in mouth, and the burning question - with all that hair how can the great man smoke on stage without incinerating himself!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done J for puttingboth sides of the story,but they really were
shite!VR were excellent,Slash gave S something to look at all night,i'l
give you a full rundown of the Slayer gig.
Baal(a.k.a mark)