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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Slayer review awaited

Now rumours abound that the Slayer gigs in Dublin were a good ol' metal thrashing mad night out. Our faithful reviewer (a.k.a Baal) has still to file his report...

Plans are now afoot to mount an assault on the Maiden, Manson and Mastadon end of summer bash. Look out for the tired and emotional Belfast crew...

Before that the statue of Phil Lynott is being erected in Dublin on the 19th August. The following night a host of former Lizzy band members and those who have paid tribute to the great man during their lives will be performing at the Point.


Anonymous said...

F*#*N' SLAYER!!!!!

Well J, finally got the chance to post something on here about the Slayer Dublin gig,what a night!!!! THE best thrash band on the planet bar none! Can there be a better opening number than 'Disciple'The whole set pounded you into the deck like a sledge hammer to the head! Highlites, 2many to mention although 'Angel...'& not allowed into hotel bar cos of my Slayer T, at 38 years old, YEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, a special mention for the doorstall at The Ambassador, what a crowd of wankers!!!! THE Mother of ROCK Philomena Lynott got me on the guest list via some guy in MCD and had given me a bag of Lizzy stuff to give to Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, got fucked of at the door!!! Plus some clown came to the stage just before Slayer came on & said 'No Moshin' FUCK OFF!!!

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