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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Floyd back together for Live8

Ho hum, the dark side of the moon has been illuminated once more. Mere days after Velvet Revolver played an emotional version of Wish You Were Here at Belfast's Odyssey Arena we learn that Pink Floyd are reforming (well no Syd Barrett) with Roger Waters joining again for the Live 8 Make Poverty History concert at Hyde Park.

Now, while this is a momentous occassion for all Floyd fans; it is, of course, because of the rapturous singalong from the Belfast audience that Messers Watters and Gilmour have decided to contribute to the Live8 concert. Donington, Glasgow may all claim it was they 'what did it' but I have it from Sir Bob:

"Jaysus, they said dat it was dem crazy fuckers in Belfast singin' along to deir Wish You Were a Beer' song dat made dem say, Jaysus man we been fightin' for too long, let's give big Geldof a call. Or maybe it was 20 million starvin' Africans. Can't remember which it was now. Now I'm dead busy, can you just fuck off while me and Bono irritate some politicians. Jaysus, Belfast rockers, dey're never done askin' awkward questions!"

See, straight from Sir Bob!

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