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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's so eeeeeaaasssssyyyyy!

The smell of sweat and pleasure as a pit swirls in smiling aggression, with cameras held aloft at the stage...the ecstasy of thousands of people jumping as one in time to a primal beat...yep Velvet Revolver rocked Belfast last night.

And by all accounts the band seemed to enjoy it from Slash's smiling congratulations to the crowds through to Duff's acclamation of Alternative Ulster and exhortation to "Fuck the Council".

Velevet Revolver are another rock sueprgroup cashing in on past careers. Right? You couldn't have been more wrong last night. If this is a bunch of has beens they didn't appear like it at Belfast's Odyssey Arena. From ripping through their own album tracks through to Guns 'N' Roses tracks, even kicking off the first encore with Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, this band kicked Belfast's willing ass.

Closing with Slither, after shredding the hall with Falling to Pieces earlier the platitudes everyone expects from the stage seemed as genuine as one can expect from any band that has been touring the world.

More later, when I calm down some!


Anonymous said...

Aye - pity the pit was crap! And what was that dandering about in the audience with a hundred bouncers all about! Fuck sake, so much for being about the people! Loved the show but did Duff need to have all that incoherent rambling abour fuck the council - did his publicist check that for him before he said it. At least Ozzy was a wee bit more honest at Avoneil on the Ultimate Sin tour when he defied council orders and played Suicide Solution on the 2nd night

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Ozzy was pissed as a newt - at least VR had taken the time to meet some local press, not just do interviews with the usual English and Irish rock press

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