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Friday, June 24, 2005

For all fans of Thin Lizzy and the late, great Phil Lynott the special event to mark the unveiling of his statue is taking place in Dublin's Grafton Street on 19th August - ticket only.

But the following night the Point in Dublin is hosting a special concert in honour of Phil - THE BOY IS BACK IN TOWN.

On stage will be ex-Lizzy stars Gary Moore, Eric Bell, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson among others. They'll be joined on stage by:

Brush Shiels
Biffy Clyro
Johnny Fean
Jack L
Danielle Pfiffner
Jason Swindle and
Alaska Lyle

Full details are available on http://www.roisindubh.info/


Anonymous said...

got my tickets an all,surprised you're not going J as Biffy Clyro are on the bill.


Anonymous said...

Funny enuff i got tickets too...but reckon a trip to the bar will be in order during Biffy set J...lol. Really should be a great couple of nites, 'bout time that Phil got the recognition he deserves from his hometown

BAAL (Mark)

Jonny said...

And who says I'm not going? And Baal, you may find your listening material infected by Biffyness one day.


PS Dream Theatre only scraped 4Ks for their new album, who says that 20 minute songs are going out of fashion? :)

Anonymous said...

What the frig's all this waffle about Biffy Clyro! Wheatus are on the bill!

Anonymous said...

y are you going J??Sure if you aren't i'm sure me and hub can give you a rundown on how it went.I'm only going for the ex Lizzy members, couldn't give a f**k about the other rubbish lol!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah J noticed Wheatus were on the bill, God only knows why???

As for the new DT album, just got my copy the other day, fuckin' awesome, lookin' forward to seeing them somewhere in UK/Ireland later in the year.

PS, longest track is 24 mins!!!!

Jonny said...

Ha Ha Baal, but you may be interested that according to Kerrang Dream Theatre are only playing Londaon dates, but more may be confirmed later