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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Simply bonkers lyric video from Evil Scarecrow

EVIL Scarecrow played a stunner in Belfast in November (read Mel's review here) and are now gearing up for a short tour before, no doubt they sign up for the summer festivals.

To celebrate something or another to do with all things weird they have released a lyric video for the track 'End Level Boss', and for those gamers of a 'certain age' it has all the giggles you'd expect.

Frontman Dr Hell explained why they have expanded the ES madness further:"We’ve had loads of fans asking us to put End Level Boss in our live set, it turns out that it’s a bit of a fan favourite from Galactic Hunt. The truth is it’s an absolute badger to play and has been a real challenge to get polished for our live show. We are there now though and really excited to be playing live for the first time ever at the last shows of our Bodly Going Anywhere Tour. 

"We always wanted to produce a full video for this track, but time and budget (as always) was against us. So, it seemed a really good opportunity to release a cool lyric video instead and that was something that we could probably achieve. We worked with Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art to bring this artistic ball of retro game nonsense to you. We’re hoping people will spot some old games and some Scarecrow references and get a good old hit of nostalgia.
"Maybe we’ll try and get some sort of naff dance to do in the chorus"
Watch and enjoy!

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