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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

COMIN' ATCHA! !5 years, 21 bands The Distortion Project rolls out the Ormeau Avenue Red Carpet for birthday celebrations

THE Distortion Project is about to celebrate its 15th Birthday -  and Mr Loveday is making sure they do it in style with a 21-band line-up on the 17th October.

Dubbed 'From Hell To The Unknown' the celebration will see the entire Limelight Entertainment Complex taken over by metal - bands will be playing in Limelight1, Limelight2 and Katy's from noon until late.

Headline acts are Xentrix, Acid Reign and Shrapnel.

A further 18 acts are to be announced...yes, you read that right -  a total of 21 acts in one day.

And it's all for the measly sum of £20! Tickets are on sale this coming Friday from all the usual outlets, and once the full line-up is confirmed local metalheads will sit down with a full itinerary and try to work out which stage to visit and when.

We were happy with Mr Loveday's announcements of WASP, Paradise Lost, Jex Thoth, Raven, Enforcer, the DeathCrusher Tour, Fear Factory, Sabaton etc and he still manages to pull this one out of the bag.

A feast full of metal...it's going to need one big birthday cake!

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