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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

NEWS: Trucker sign deal +++ Last chance to see The Who indoors+++Beholder for Belfast


Off Yer Rocka climb aboard the Big Truck

TRUCKER Diablo have been signed to Off Yer Rocka Records for the release of 'Rise Above The Noise' the album they recorded after a successful Pledge Music campaign.

OYR CEO Jonni Davis said: "We've known Trucker for a long time this is a huge musical thrust north, it's just a great FKN album and sits perfectly into what we're all about..can't wait to get this one out there!"

Tom from Trucker added his tuppence worth on the news: "When we decided to set up a pledge campaign for our new album, signing with a label was far from the agenda. When OYR got in touch it was like an old friend getting in contact.

"We have been friends with the guys for quite a few years now and have been lucky enough to be a part of the amazing festivals they host. So for us its an easy decision to make this next step into the OYR family and we trust our new album will find more ears through the great team they have working with them."

The rest of the world will soon see why the Big Truck Keeps on Rolling!


Last chance to see The Who...indoors

THERE has been much talk about The Who of late, with some of the more controversial comments coming when Pete Townsend saying that he could not be Roger Daltrey's friend because of Daltrey's wife...

But, they have been getting the front pages as much for their celebration of 50 years. Fifty fucking years! And, with a sold out Glastonbury headlining set and a Hyde Park show you have to say that when The Who play Belfast's Odyssey Arena on 21st June it may be the very last time that we will have the chance to see them live at an indoors arena.

With tracks such as 'Won't Get Fooled Again', 'Pinball Wizard', 'Who Are You' and 'Substitute' The Who have always been a rock band first and foremost even if there are mods who hang about for some unknown reason (have they ever watched The Who at Woodstock?).

Their influence - and rock credentials - are clear, not least because of the bands who have chosen to cover their songs: WASP recorded a stunning version of 'The Real Me' and the Sex Pistols gave 'Substitute' the working class sneer that it deserves.

And, if you were to be thinking about Hyde Park, you'd have to put up with the likes of Johnny Marr, Kaiser Chiefs and Paul Weller...much better to book your ticket for The Who in the Odyssey on June 21st.


Beholder book Belfast date

THE mighty Beholder have booked in for a Belfast date on September 24th in Limelight2 thanks to The Distortion Project.

Joining the ferocious assault will be Sinocence and By Any Means...sure to be a noise fest to not to miss!


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