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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Bringing the metal with IronTown Diehards and Sinocence

THERE can come a time when you have seen a band so many times that the review is almost pointless - but on Saturday night the prospect of seeing an emerging talent drew us to Ahoghill Rock City and the inner rock sanctum that is the Diamond Rock Club.

Headliners Sinocence have had so many gigs lately that many of the audience move in metal synchronicity to their sounds. More of that later.
With the kindness and welcome that is always expected from all involved in the Diamond Rock Club we were greeted at Ballymena Train Station with a lift straight to the club for a few (quite a few) sherberts before settling down to immerse ourselves in the music, with The Irontown Diehards up first.
However, when we say 'emerging talent' let's be clear - the members of the band are no strangers to the stage.

But, in the shape of The Irontown Direhards they have combined the essential elements to forge a fierce rock sound that is delivered as if they wield a battleaxe.

Dressed in a dapper manner that belies the intensity of their sound Phil projects his vocals as if clinging on for dear life - roars from the soul.

While Andrew's lead guitar antics are a delightful brew of rockin' rhythm and shredding the entire Irontown sound is anchored in Mark's bass and Gordy's drums.

They enable this four-piece to remain grounded in an almost metal sound that allows the wilder moments of Andrew's shreds and Phil's passion to be part of a unit than individuals.

Speaking of units Sinocence are a well-oiled metal killing machine. Their almost constant gigging to support the release of 'No Gods, No Masters Vol 2' (and to support good causes!) have brought them to the peak of metal fitness, with an amalgam of thrash, prog and contemporary metal enough to fill any cavities in your metal soul.

Suffice to say that Anto, Moro, Davy and Jim lay down another killer set, and still look at home on the stage before a relatively sparse audience (perhaps due to then Sinners earlier shows in the previous four weeks, or perhaps due to other gigs elsewhere that evening).
That said there were enough people to chant on both bands, quaff beverages, headbang and enjoy themselves. Gig regular Oakesy was in attendance, probably Sinocence's biggest fan Brenda was there, as was the nicest man in rock, Andy, amongst others.

And, as always the welcome from Derwin, Paul, Fiona and ALL the Diamond Rock Club organisers/volunteers was warm. Hell, we might actually head up on Sunday 17th May to watch Enuff Z Nuff and Estrella. [Editor's note - there's no 'might' about, we are going up!]

Review and pix by Jonny

High five approach...

Brenda championing the Sinner's cause

Moro is so hungry he almost devours the mic :)

A Portrait in Concentration -  Anto

Have sticks, hit drums

Nicest man in rock

Hand on heart Moro assures the audience that
he does know all the lyrics




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