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Monday, October 13, 2014

LIVE REVIEW: Locked and loaded with riffs - Triggerman reach metal nirvana with riffage

THE lords of the riff smiled on the Limelight2 on Friday(10th October) as Triggerman brought the riffage tumbling down the Glenshane Pass, along the M2 and straight into the smiling faces of the devoted, afflicted with the rock lurgy.

If you need that introduction translated then you need to get some Triggerman in your life. For the uninitiated, the local lords of the riff are the afficiandos who gather regularly at the altar provided by James Loveday's Distortion Project. Riffage is the provision of regularly intoned, overdriven guitar.  The Glenshane Pass - the highest road in Northern Ireland, which leads from Derry/Londonderry to the M2 and the Big Smoke that is Belfast.

And, the lurgy...well it's a general term for any non-specific illness that can be contracted from exposure: it also is a non-specific affliction that can result in headbanging, raising pint glasses, throwing the 'horns' and yelling along to lyrics known to all.

The gig was another chance to air the recently released ep 'Origins, Lost Travellers and Rock 'n' Roll Heaven' and the last before the quartet take a short break to re-group and lay down some more licks.

Before Triggerman came Red Eye who gave all a tasty sample of tracks from their 'Day of Reckoning' ep.   Steve Ireland's bass and James Gillepsie's drums were a focal point allowing Colum Gallagher to weave wonders on riffs and solos that drew inspiration from traditional metal, NWOBHM and a slice of southern boogie.

At times Garth Matthews vocals came across a little flat, perhaps because of the vagaries of a work schedule that saw him have to rush off straight afterwards.

With no fuss, no waffle, no trite Triggerman brought the riff down. Four members united in a dirty, stoner groove with Bap delivering his sermons of metal.

'Origins of Man' and 'Valhalla' were faithfully sang along to, as were 'The Riff Holds Sway' and 'Hail to the River Gods'.

The fact that so many present know and adore each song is not just a tribute to the songs but the delivery - Bap's preacher metal lyrics are sang with the passion of a Baptist Minister on acid, while his guitar and Niall's six-string roll and groove throughout the set. Anchored by Rory and Dixie the entire sound is one of a joyous punch landed on the smiling bake of the audience.

It's the type of 'Lurgy' we all want to catch, to be imbued with, to be captured by, to enjoy: it's the force of rock and the raucousness of metal abandon.

Triggerman are a joyous celebration of all that is good and all that is great about the live experience.

We all love the albums, the recording dexterity and the shiver down the spine of listening to a new song: but that experience in a live environment is electric, tingling nerves reacting to every stroke of a six-string, every snap of the snare, every roll from the bass and every impassioned vocal.

All hail the riff!

Review by Jonny
Pictures courtesy of Metalplanet Belfast
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