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Thursday, October 02, 2014

COMIN' ATCHA: Darkest Era back in Northern Ireland after a UK tour - and hitting Belfast on Saturday

THE past few months have been something of an upward trajectory for Darkest Era as they toasted the release of their latest album, completed a brief set of slots with Amon Amarth and are wrapping up a UK tour in what they say is their "adopted hometown".

Krum bellowing out
ancient tales
And, on Saturday October 4th at Limelight2 fans will have the chance to see how this has all come together with a headlining slot as part of The Distortion Project's regular RockD.

There is no doubt that Darkest Era have grown and developed - new album 'Severance' shows that there is even more depth to the band than on their super first full length, Last Caress of Light'.

Earlier in the year guitarist Ade Mulgrew spoke to us about the progress the band has been making. You can read it here for more details.

But the revelation for many was at Amon Amarth when they came on stage with real intent. [Review is here.]

Ade in full guitar hero pose
As they prepate for the Belfast show on Saturday Ade told us what it means to them:

"It's been almost 2 and a half years since our last headline show in Belfast," he said. "It's been a long time coming and we're thrilled to have such killer supports with us.

"Real heavy metal is truly alive and this bill shows it. And to finish our first headline tour in our adopted hometown is an honour."

Doors open at 5pm in the Limelight2. Support comes from Stereo Nasty and Terminus, so don't hang around, get down, hand your £8 to Mr Loveday and get set for three great sets.

Below is the official video for Beyond The Grey Veil, the lyric video for Sorrows Boundless Realm and the video from what is by now a classic DE track. The Morrigan.

Interview by Jonny
Severance is out now on Cruz Del Sur Records.

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