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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

INTERVIEW: A full battery of Artillery coming to Belfast, we caught up with the Dansh thrashers Michael Stützer ahead of Monday night

COMING our way on Monday (14th June) is a thrash feast when Onslaught, Artillery and local up and coming stars Donum Dei land with a thud at Limelight2.

Coming so soon after Soulfy, Anthrax and Slayer the Summer of Metal is well underway.

Onslaught will deliver their usual full-on thrash attack, and for those who haven’t heard Artillery all we can say is that you are in for a treat.

The Danish outfit has been through line-up changes and breaks since their genesis in the 80s, but with their latest album – Legions they have hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Packed with treats, and unafraid to deploy melody as well as crushing riffs the album has highlight after highlight: from the Arabic drums of opener Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh); through the title track; the full-speed Wardrum Hearbeat; the Euro-thrash of Doctor Evil; the slowed down part acoustic of Enslaved to the Nether; and, closer Ethos of Wrath it is a masterclass in how to deliver clean thrash without sacrificing pace and heaviness.

In anticipation of the Belfast date we caught up with guitarist Michael Stützer, who revealed that there are some people he wants to catch up with in Belfast

“Yeah,” he said “we’re really looking forward to come over for the first time and to say hello from our friends from Gama Bomb!”

The tour itself was one meant to be happening earlier in the year.

“As some of you readers might know the first part of the tour in Germany etc was moved to March as Hatriot was forced to pull out because of Steve was rejoining Exodus,” said Michael.

Given the strength of the album and the growth of the band’s sound we wanted to know what made a difference on this release.

“We really have a strong line-up now with five dedicated guys and we all have a great time really diggin´playing together and i think the fans can hear that!”

And the new songs in a live setting?

“Really great,” said Michael. “The fans really like the new songs like Chill My Bones and Legions. We will play three or four of the new songs on this tour!

 With thrash undergoing a resurgence (as mentioned Slayer and Anthrax have just been to Belfast, Michaell explained why it continues to be successful.

“Because it’s very honest and loyal to its fans and the best bands have some great and catchy tunes,” he said. “More and more young bands are keeping the style going on as well!”

Reflecting on the current line-up after the revolving door of yesteryear Michael promised a dedicated team ready to hit the Limelight2 stage.

“First of all we really like to be together and play and, as I said five dedicated musicians who love to do things together both on the road and in the studio!”

“Cheers” Michael Stützer!

If Artillery had been touring and come to Belfast maybe five or six years ago there would have been a lukewarm response and maybe a band re-treading riffs. But now, in 2014 Artillery are a potent force, with an album they can be proud of, and by all accounts so far, delivering stunning live performances.

Artillery’s album Legions is out now on Metal Blade Records

Artillery play with Onslaught and Donum Dei on 14th June at Limelight2: Some tickets are still available

Interview by Jonny

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