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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Friday 15th November is a date you MUST not miss

TOMORROW (Friday 15th November) is a date you MUST not miss if you are a fan of hard rock and heavy metal. That is when the venerable James Loveday and his Distortion Project join forces with Belfast Music Week to bring six local heavy bands to the Ulster Hall.

Hand your kids over to social services, rent your house out, make public transport arrangements, have an early dinner, get the neck muscles limbered up and reserve your spot in the venerable old hall - you must not miss this.

Yes, we can always say that about any gig, but this one is special.

Firstly, hard rock and heavy metal have always been the awkward kid of Belfast Music Week, lurking around the edges while extravagant fringes, talentless samplers of other people's music and assorted shoe gazers take the plaudits.

But being given the opportunity to bring metal to the Ulster Hall with six Northern Ireland acts is a unique opportunity to show the sneering cynics that there is a vibrant local hard rock and metal scene. We've known that all along, but they need to be reminded...

And what a line up that has been assembled...In order of appearance:
  • Rabid Bitch of the North;
  • Skypilot;
  • Zombified;
  • Triggerman;
  • Sinocence; and
  • Stormzone.
With doors opening at 5pm and running until 11pm - all for a measly £10 - why would any self-respecting fan of local heavy music not go along. Of course there may be one or two of the acts you might not have a taste for, but there is plenty on offer for you to toast and celebrate this evening.

The second main reason is to help celebrate The Distortion Project. For 13 years James has been the bulwark of the local scene, bringing international acts and offering opportunities for almost every genre of heavy music to take to the stage.

This isn't us here on this blog brown-nosing, we're are simply stating fact. While we always acknowledge and celebrate all promoters and backers of rock and metal, The Distortion Project has been the constant factor for 13 years. Even if you are not a fan of any of the six bands hitting the Ulster Hall you must attend tomorrow night to raise a toast to the 13 years.

Finally, the Ulster Hall is a city centre venue with an impressive and auspicious place in Northern Ireland history, with protests, gospel meetings and all manner of events taking place there that are part of the footnotes of the past.

It has also a special place in rock history. From the first ever live airing of Stairway to Heaven when Zeppelin played there, through to Rory Gallagher's regular annual appearances, and the boom days of the late 80s Ulster Hall shows when Metallica, MSG, WASP, Slayer and many other graced the stage it has unique claim on metal hearts.

Come tomorrow night, as the six bands play in front of the epic organ that is a backdrop to the stage, the ghosts of power chords of yesteryear will be in the air - mingling with the cheers of the many who will assemble there. Will you join us?

We can always promise to go to an event on Facebook and then through other commitments, family pressures, lack of beer tokens, or sheer forgetfulness manage not to attend, but on Friday you must make the effort.

Tickets will be available on the door £10...

As if that was not enough if you people remember a wee song called Killing Time, Raymie Haller will be joining the Sinocence lads to a wee run through of this classic...

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