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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

There is still hope - as the Screaming Eagles prove once again

ROCK 'n' feckin' roll - it's in all our veins; metal is in our hearts but one prominent festival just jumped the shark in announcing emo-supremos Fall Out Boy as part of a line-up that has crossover act Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold.

That festival - Download - has a venerable tradition in the hard rock and metal world, with luminaries such as Rainbow, Maiden, Metallica etc having headlined it and drawn a diverse crowd to see such acts.

With a further headliner to be announced, plus another 100 or so other acts there is hope that more 'metallic' elements from the periodic table of rock may be announced, with a liberal sprinkling of hard rockin'.

For many this may mean choosing to go to more continental festivals, or more 'boutique' festivals such as Bloodstock or Hard Rock Hell...

Now speaking of Hard Rock Hell, you may, or may not be aware that local act, the Screaming Eagles, have won a spot to play there. And they have recently launched their first video for the track 'Rock 'n' Soul'. It is massively cheesy and delightful fun to accompany this stonking song. Watch it here - right now!


And speaking of videos the Screaming Eagles are the latest Northern Ireland band to prove that just because we live in the far north western part of Europe, on an island that only has Iceland between us and the Atlantic stretch to the US of A, we can still compete with the so-called big boys of rock and metal. And that's because, unlike Download 2014, we rock!

Check out videos in these links from Sinocence, Trucker Diablo, Million$Reload to name but three and see what we mean!

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