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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Venrez bring Coppola to bear on new video ahead of Belfast show

OPENING act for next Wednesday's Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar gig, Venrez have hooked up with a heavyweight Holywood connection to record the music video for their new single 'Sanctity'

Director Christopher Coppola is brother to Nicholas Cage and Francis Ford Coppola, legendary director of the likes of the Godfather Trilogy, is his uncle.

Released in time for the tour dates which will see them open up proceedings at the Limelight2 on Wednesday 27th November.

Coppola is pretty clear about what vision he brought to the video:
“Ven contacted me and asked if I would direct a music video based upon his poetry, a lot of which I really responded to.

"Sanctity's not your typical rock video, it's an art movie that ties in with Venrez's message on American Illusion.”

Venrez frontman Ven explained further: "I wrote the song 'Sanctity' about government control, selling lies to people, removing our freedom, our children's future and treating us like sheep.

"We wanted to work with Christopher Coppola on this new video. He's an amazing artist when it comes to producing and directing film. He knows exactly what he wants to capture in telling the story through his eyes."
You can read our review of American Illusion here.

The Sanctity video is below:

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