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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Coming full circle with Last in Line and Sweet Savage

TOMORROW (8th August) a piece of heavy metal history will be played out on the stage of Limelight1 when Last in Line, with local guitar hero Vivian Campbell, perform the first two albums that were recorded with Dio.

Support comes from Sweet Savage, the band that kick started Vivian Campbell's career when he was hired by Dio, and recorded a song-  Killing Time - that was not only an influence for Metallica, but also led to the Bay Area maestros cover it as a 'b' side an include it on their Garage Inc album.

As always sometimes prophets go unacknowledged in their own land, which is too often the case.

Tomorrow's gig then is a homecoming of significance for Last In Line, as well as re-connecting with the roots for Vivian Campbell as he told us in an recent interview:

"It would have been great if Sweet Savaage had made it big...while it would have been great it was just the wrong place at the wrong time." [You can read the full interview here.]

Despite undergoing another of his chemotherapy sessions (the most recent on August 5th) for Hodgkins Lymphoma, and a trans-American and transatlantic journey this is just the beginning for Last In Line - which features all the original members of Dio, with vocal duties being handled by Andy Freeman.

After the four dates on this mini-tour further dates may come down the line - depending on commitments of all the band's members.

However, with Thursday's set seeing them play all of Holy Diver and most of Last In Line, what is sure is that this will be one helluva night, as well as a night when young and old in the audience can re-connect with metal history.

Some tickets are still available from Katy's Bar.

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