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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Alkaline's caustic and the trio are bringing a double treat to Belfast

IN the nineties and the noughties most pop punk bands sang about boy meets girl, elope to set up home before they break up...

Alkaline Trio, on the other hand, sang about boy meets girl, set up a Satanic Coven, mourn the death of innocence and generally behave contrary to what US pop punk bands seemed to believe.

And, not only are the Illinois maestros playing a date in Limelight1 on 27th August, they are also storing up a surprise treat for fans - a free acoustic set....

Yes, on the afternoon of 27th August Alkaline Trio will be at Head Records playing an all ages, free in gig at the Belfast store - and it is strictly first come, first served up for a treat.

With their new album, My Shame Is True, just released it is quite a coup for the Limelight to score the date on the Alkaline Trio tour and a real coup for the band to agree to the acoustic set at Head Records...Frankly even though we're generally all metalheads here we can't wait for both events!

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