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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


YES! Let the Slaytonic Whermacht arise! Within 48 hours of Slayer's Limelight1 sell-out show tonight tickets will go on sale for the metal titans return to Belfast on August 13th.

At 9am on Friday, June 14th tickets - priced at £35 (+bking fee) will go on sale. They will be available at the usual Ticketmaster sites and outlets. In addition 100 will be on sale at Katy's Bar, and will be strictly limited to two per person.

With reports already in of Slayer's crushing performances in the opening dates of their World Domination 2013 tour bringing the overlords of thrash and speed to Belfast for a second time in two months is not only a coup for the folks at the Limelight, but something the metal community will welcome with open arms.

And, given the fact that tonight's show sold out in under five minutes it will be the early bird who swoops with raptor claws outstretched to snag tickets for the August 13th date.

It is also set to be two days of metal mayhem at the Limelight1. On August 12th Lamb of God bring their take on pure destructive and lyrically astute metal to Belfast.

Body parts and liver toxicity levels are at your oww risk but these are two days sure to bring a smile to even the dark, hardened hearst of even the most jaded metalhead. Poseurs, or those who 'just want to see' need not bother - let the metal mayhem be unleashed!

Come one and all and let us "Dance with the dead in our dreams" and "listen to to their hallowed screams". For now is the time when we will see:
"Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure
Now I [wel] shall in Reign in Blood"

Yes - Slayer in Belfast twice: time to "spread a little hate worldwide"!

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