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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrash-tacular Onslaught on yer senses...

AT the time of writing it is Thursday (just about!) - a day that augurs the weekend, yet is not quite full on relaxation and chilled out just yet...a day when anticipation conjurs an allure for those precious work-free hours that many enjoy and are called 'Friday to Sunday' in our diaries.

But screw all that waiting! Tonight (still Thursday - concentrate people!) will be a Thrash-tacular Thursday when Onslaught descend upon Ormeau Avenue to rip apart the Spring and Airbrake.

Backed by the speedy rabscallions of Gama Bomb and Fallen Fate, Onslaught will be making (and I think this is correct, but at my age you never know!) their fourth visit to Belfast.

The Bristolian metal crew have persisted through line-up changes and a hiatius to emerge stronger in the 21st Century, and their latest release Sounds of Violence manages the difficult trick of being both nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

The message is, of course, get yer hairy arses down to the Spring and Airbrake! Stage times:
  • Fallen Fate: 8.45pm - 9.15pm
  • Gama Bomb: 9.35pm - 10.25pm
  • Onslaught. 10.45pm - Midnight
If you see me there, say hello...oh wait, you may not recognise me, but that's okay because after a pint or three I won't recognise me either, after all it'll be thrash time!

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Anonymous said...

This was one of the best metal gigs I've ever been to. I saw Mastodon twice at S&A, as well as Opeth, and the sound all three times was horrible. I could've honestly walked out.

I don't know if they've done something different, or if Onslaught's road crew is one of a kind, but that sounded utterly fantastic. The playing was masterful as well. The lead guitarist couldn't have nailed his parts any better if he was miming to the CD.

Every metal band on the planet should follow Onslaught around for their entire next tour, so they can see how it SHOULD be done!