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Monday, September 12, 2011

'Eavy fuggin' Norn Iron metal...and then some

INTERROGATE have proved to be one of the ambitious bands in the healthy panoply of Northern Ireland heavy music acts, delivering consistently rowdy but tight live sets, and surprisingly excellent recorded output.

It should then come as no surprise then that the new five track EP, Silence the Fallen, delivers a hard-hitting slab of metal.

But from the ferocity of opener Let Me Breathe, through to title track and EP closer Silence the Fallen, Inetrrogate demostrate that being a common or garden riff machine has never been enough when committing their tracks to the studio tape machine.

Like the 2009 release, 'Scarred for Life melody lurks within the monster riffs, like a cold assassin who gets you to sing along before plunging the knife while you are still humming along.

Affliction is an excellent example of how Interrogate can lure the unexpecting into their music.

Darren Brown's take on vocals has developed through gigging, and seems more tuned into the vibe, despite maintaining bass duties, ably supported by Stephen Brown's vocal and drum contributions, while Mark Johnston's guitar tones and skills grow with each release and each new set of touring commitments.

Stand out track is Silence the Fallen itself. Intransigence, defiance and pride stand out lyrically amongst the at times bile filled, but eloquent in their own way, words on the rest of the EP. To add a chorister-style voice - credited to Sabie Campbell - adds to the track rather than jarring. Once upon a time, long ago Interrogate could have been compared to a mix of Cancer Bats and Screamo-style Killswitch. No longer: they can stand proud as their own heavy fuggin' Norn Iron metal beast with an identity of their own and a sound that is growing and developing all the time.

Interrogate are back on the roads of Norn Iron after a short tour sojourn State-side (and a recent birth). When they do return shortly to the gigging circuitthere is likely to be little silence, but many fallen metal warriors may awaken

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