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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Loaded return

EARLY notice of this one passed me by...but Duff McKagan is bringing Loaded back to Belfast for another aural assault of truly inspiring hard rock, bluesy punk.

Loaded will make their third appearance in Belfast on Wednesday, 2nd November in the Spring & Airbrake.

Tickets clock in at £20, but rest assured that Duff and his compadres in Loaded always deliver.

Sure this man is such a legend, and loaded in the monetary sense, that he need never tour or record again, but for that very reason his ongoing commitment to Loaded on the road just further emphasises his hard rock credentials - and few can measure against them in this corporate world of slick managment and soulless re-dubbed and pro-tooled sounds.

That he survived Guns 'n' Roses almost intact (minus a pancreas) and still went on to record two Velvet Revolver albums, and launch Loaded, while at the same time maintaining a role as financial columnist for Playboy and now for even more prestigious outlets tells you something about his energy levels.

And his energy levels peak onstage...and even more revealing is that despite all, he remains genuinely a nice guy.

So, come November 2nd...see ya at the front!

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