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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Grrrrrr! Grindscene just made me growly angry!

GRRRR! Before I let lose my anger, this is about death metal, so classic rock fans might want to step aside for a moment!

Right - Grindscene, you've really made my boil and rage for the past week or so. You see, for the past wee while I've sort of fallen out of love with death metal and its associated genres: too many men with a need for cough medicine, too much intensty with little intelligence behind it.

Then Pete at Grindscene sends me two CDs to review...local heroes Zombified, and Neuroma from Liverpool - and how they made me growl. Yep, two refreshing slabs of molten, technical death metal with guile and poise behind the wall of noise, just when I was thinking about buying the new Journey CD...

Neuroma's Extremophile release deserves to descend upon the unwashed masses like any avenging spirit from hell, with an evil smile of intent.

But as you are cowering beneath the howls and growls, take a moment to look beyond the wit in the song titles: can you take seriously songs like 'Semi-skinned Milf'; or 'Chicken Poodle Soup'? You should.

For those that paid attention to a certain story a couple years back about a faked chav kidnapping then the CD opener 'Gash in the Attic' will tell you all you need to know about sharp observations from Neuroma. (And if that doesn't convince you 'Chicken Poodle Soup's' power will do it!)

Zombified release their six-track 'Backroom Eugenics' tomorrow night (Thursday) at Auntie Annies on Dublin Road. Pin yer ears back if you are going because this is a towering release.

Recent support slots have tightened Zombified's sound; the guitars of Jamie McClenaghan and Adrien Crozet are in horror harmony, while you couldn't slide a Rizla paper between the drums of Gary Beattie and Wilbo Slice's bass. As to Pete Clarke's vocals...scary, as in scary good.

The songs come in short, sharp bursts of brutality; not one clocking above three minute 40 seconds.

Not for the faint-hearted, an album that closes with the fury of 'Murder Serpent', and opens with the mature sound of  'An Introduction to the Human Disgrace' sandwiches much in between, not least the deathly good of 'The Forgotten Art of Strangulation'.

Yep, Zombified are realising their potential, much to the thanks of neck collar manufacturers, as many a death metal fan may be suffering from headbanging induced whiplash.

So, all-in-all Nueroma and Zombified have restored faith in what had become a jaded death metal scene. Now to get all that anger out of the system with their new platters, and maybe dig up some old Behemoth, Morbid Angel and Satyricon \m/ Just when I'd renewed my subscription to AOR magazine.!

And don't forget that Zombified launch party at Auntie Annies!

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