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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Infectious grooves and raucous riffs

WHEN it comes to infectious grooves and raucous riffs are delivered hard and to the point in Last Known Addiction’s d├ębut release, One Left Standing; there, that’s the review over.

No seriously that would be enough to tell all that needs to be told about the band’s release to make you run along and part with the cash.

But there is a little more depth to this release than just another platter of tunes. There are a few niggles, but what band hasn’t experienced these trying to place hard crafted tracks down for the first time.

Above all, this release showcases a fine sense of song writing. Around The World, Always Coming Home and Preach stand out. These tracks take the tried and trusted hard rock formula and wring its neck with fingers clenched round guitars, pummel its melodies with fine tuned sensibilities and douse the whole lot with petrol-soaked Northern Ireland attitude.

The whole album sees the band as the bastard sons of an unholy union between Black Stone Cherry, The Answer, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Foreigner – with Lemmy present at the birth.

Yes there are a few wee problems – Bring It seems to be two different songs pushed into one, and the start of the excellent Always Coming Home seems a little muddy (but that could just be my copy). But these are tiny blips when seen in the context of a rather excellent CD!

But, this is not a one-dimensional band. On One Left Standing Last Known Addiction display a talent for honing their skills on more sensitive tracks– Simultaneously and Fight.

Album closer Fight is a particularly haunting acoustic track, delivered with rare passion and heartfelt singing.

It is not unfair to say that there are many so-called singer songwriters who would sacrifice a limb to be able to pen something this good.

Overall, One Left Standing should be regarded not as a good release from a local band; it should be considered as an album fit to adorn the shelves of any CD rack in any store across the western world.

Also this is a reflection as to just how good the hard rock talent is is pouring out of Northern Ireland. Never mind England; never mind Scotland; never mind Wales; and never mind the US of A. Last Known Addiction, Trucker Diablo, Million$Reload and a host of others are leaving the competition in their wake. With The Answer soon to release a new album A&R men take note – we’re coming and let no-one stand in our way. Kick The Tyres of the opposition, this Nation is one coming for you all.

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