Pick Your Rock and Metal

Friday, March 11, 2011

Holy Christ it's a new Honey for Christ album!

Making plans for April? Mark a date in your diary for Saturday April 9th before you do anything else!

Veteran metallers Honey for Christ unleash their d├ębut full-length platter of heaviness on that date in the ye olde Spring and Airbrake - courtesy of the Distortion Project.

With the tantalising title of  "The Cruelty of Great Expectations", those hungry to gather up the tunes can lay your grubby mits on it that night, for copies will be there for you to pass over the pounds to listen to the pounding tunes.

And if that wasn't enough to tempt you out (and if not you may need a metal transplant, or a good excuse from your doctor!) Honey for Christ will be joined by Condemned and Rebels by Nature (as well as another act to be confirmed!)

Doors are at 7pm and entry is a paltry £7.




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